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100's of Detroit classics were made here, black history is being destroyed again. You can help by reading details via this link, don't lose it like all the others. full details click me



Blue eyed soul label. 1960's first owned by Howard Walker then Danny & Larry Pavlick (aka Lick). 8614 Van Dyke, Detroit 48213. Connected to various Sound Inc. labels from 56880 North New Haven, Michigan 48048. Label almost went bankrupt when "Rosanna" hit because they couldn't afford all the pressings he needed to support the demand and he wasn't getting paid fast enough by the distributors. Al Reid was the lead singer of the Capreez. Before that, he was with the Ook-piks and played with the Soul Survivors and Messiah & The Goodtime Band.
Cat. Number Artist A-Side/B-Side Mattrix Date
S1-110 Garry Haines  Keep On Going SoN25501 1966
I Wanna Sing SoN25502 1966
SL-112 Ook-Piks Sleeping Child 1966
Funny Farm 1966
early label design

demo label design

re-issue label design

SL-120 Rich Cutcher/Wildwoods My Laura Lee
Something From Twilight Zone 1966
SL-126 Capreez Roseanna 1966
Over You 1966
SL-142 Knightsmen Parchment Farm
If I Really Loved You 1967
SL-161 Opposing Forces If I Really Loved You 1967
Parchment Famr 1967
SL-149 Capreez It's Good To Be Home Again 17951 1967
How To Make A Sad Man Glad 17952 1967
SK-171 Capreez Soulsation SI-C10096 1967
Time SI-C10097 1967
SL-213 Words Runnaway Love
What Is The Reason
222 Big Daddy Lackowski Christmas Melody
Jingle Bell Polka
SL-220 Marshall Lackowski Ladee Da
Bumble Bee Polka 1966
SL-286 Michigan Polka-Tels I'm Yours Tomorrow Polka 1966
White Rose Waltz 1966

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Amtonac One single, backed by Black Murda, a  Detroit all-black rock band. The two songs  were later included on one of their albums.  Members Anthony Hawkins and VC Lamont met in elementary school. Hawkins and Tyrone Hite met in high school in Detroit in the early 1960s, and all worked as session and backup musicians in the Detroit scene in the following years. Hawkins and Veasey worked frequently as session musicians for companies such as Fortune Records, Golden World Studios, and producer Don Davis, while Hite worked in sessions originally as a singer before taking up the drums.
Cat. Number Artist A-Side/B-Side Mattrix Date
001 Linnie Walker People Let Me Know

Darn Well 1970

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All Brothers

All Brothers Although this was a Philly label it's thought to have Detroit connections.White label bootleg copies exists of Ann Robinson & red ones of Emanon Bros.. Ann recorded initially for Sonny Hopsons All Brothers label which released 'Bird Walkin' by the Emanons Orch, which despite different writer/publisher credits, is a reworking of the rhythm track of 'World of happiness' ..... The Emanons as 'The Freedom Now Brothers' released a track called 'Sissy walk' on All Brothers and Ann cut a vocal on this entitled 'you did it' ....what Sonny told Dave was that he had wanted to do 'Bird Walkin' as a vocal but the Emanons (a male group) couldn't cut the vocal track how he wanted so he got Ann to do a vocal on that tune as well which was never issued.
Cat. Number Artist A-Side/B-Side Mattrix Date
A-61069-Y Ann Robinson You Did It19691969
I'm Still Waiting 1969

Emanon's Orch Bird Walkin' [inst]
A-72869-L The Amanon's Look In The Want Adds

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Universal Texas also had a Universal label. Dale Warren arranged on 5003b. Detroit also had a Universal label in the 1930's. Promo's as shown, Issues were Dark Blue, a colour like the text on the promo's, with silver text.
Cat. Number Artist A-Side/B-Side Mattrix Date
45-5003-A The FiatsBefore I Walk Out The DoorMW 25071964
45-5003-B Speak Words Of Love MW 25081964
45-5004-A Little Girl Blue Number One Fool MW 2510 1964
45-5004-B But It's Not True MW 2511 1964

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AL-Jack's 1958 owners: Alonzo Tucker & Clarence Jackson. 2615 Woodward Ave, Detroit 2. Celtics single (Doo-Wop) sold for $2500 in 2010.
Cat. Number Artist A-Side/B-Side Mattrix Date

Mike Hanks I Got The Feeling 1959
I Cried
000.2 The Celtics Send Me Someone To Love

Can You Remember

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Algastina 185 also released on Theoda label, both owned by Theoda Moore.
Cat. Number Artist A-Side/B-Side Mattrix Date
185 J.E. Morgan Who Was It (Part 1) T-185a 196
Who Was It (Part 2)

T-186b 196

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