Mah's Records were owned by Mike A. Hanks, the name was his initials and was distributed by Ric Tic. The label's address in 1960 was 2608 Blaine, Detroit. Some releases are big with Do-Wop collectors. The Del-Phi's later became The Vandellas. The Andantes later backed 100's of Motown recordings.
Cat. Number Artist A-Side/B-Side Mattrix Date
000.1 Egyptians Inkster Boogie 1961
Party Stomp (inst) 1961
000.2 Billy Kent & The Andantes Take All Of me 15346 1961
Your Love 15347 1961
000.3 Mike A Hanks & Del-Phi's The Hawk D 126 1961
When The Love Comes To Be D 127 1961

000.4 Mike Hanks & Del-Phi's I Think About You (Part 1) 1961
I Think About You (Part 1) 1961
000.5 Jimmy Green Hey Little Girl D 147 1962
A Girl Like Mine D 148 1962
000.6 Renaldo Johnson The Congolas Trip 1962
My Bonnie 1962
000.6 Mike Hanks J.F.K. 1962
Doesn't Exist 1962
000.7 Lawrence Faulkcon & The Sounds My Girl & My Friend 1962
Why Should We Hide Our Love 1962
000.8 Leaping Flames Dance Social 1962
Cider Special 1962
000.9 Lee Rogers Walk On By HOB 922 1962
Troubles HOB 923 1962
0010 Big Jack Reynolds Made It Up In Your Mind 1962
You Don't Treat Me Right 1962
0011 Don Heart Mis V.I.P. 6301041 1963
Just Say You Care 6301042 1963
0014 Mike Hanks J.F.K.  1963
J.F.K (Part 2) 1963
015 The Royal Ravens Grand Spanish Lady 1963
All Over You 1963
1037 A The Magic Tones Together, We Shall Overcome USD 1037A 1968
Fun To Be Young USD 1037B 1968
M-1037 The Magic Tones Together, We Shall Overcome ZTSC 12298 1968
It's Better To Love ZTSC 12299 1968
M-1038 The Magic Tones Let's Let Our Love Roll On ZTSC 127474 1968
There Is Nothing Better Than Love ZTSC 127475 1968
Research: R.Dearlove


  1. Hello Mickey

    The Mah's 000.7 record of Lawrence Faulkcon and the sounds as you have written on your site is the correct spelling of his name because I've seen the name spelled as Larence Faulkcon on the record . Which is correct. Is that larence spelling a misprint of his actual name. Thanks for your imput. Pete

  2. This happens a lot on small labels. When a new batch of labels are printed they correct the mistake (sometimes) Details were passed over phone to printers a lot. If you keep a database it's always best to stick to one spelling and add a note about alt. name, otherwise stuff gets lost.