Mary Jane

Mary Jane Records were owned by Lou Beatty and based at 6072, 14th Street, Detroit. The label design was a white background with blue lettering and a red and white chequered bar that ran across the centre of the label. P-6707 (which shares the same mattrix numbering system as La Beat - another Beatty owned label), P1002-P1003 however are totally red and white chequered in design with black lettering. P-1002 was also issued on Jam 101 as Carl Johnson as "Snoopy Doo" but is the same record as P-1002. P-1003 "My Darling Baby" is an early recording and strings were added for the re-issues
Cat. Number Artist Side A/Side B Mattrix Date
P-1002 Willie Wilcher Hoopy Doo 1002A 1965
Hoopy Doo (Inst.) 1002B 1965
P-1003 Edward Hamilton & Arabians My Darlin' Baby 1003A 1966
Tell Me 1003B 1966
P-1004 The L.P.T's [La Beat Production Team] Long Cool Summer 1004A 1966
Mo Soul 1004B 1966
P-1005 Edward Hamilton & Arabians Baby Don't You Weep 1005A 1966
Tell Me 1005B 1967
Mike Terry arranged.Bridges/Knight Produced & wrote

The jazzy designed label  LaBeat mattrix code?

Produced by label's owner Beatty

P-1006 Arabians School Is Cool 1006A 1967
Tell Me 1006B 1967
P-6707 Edward Hamilton & Arabians Just Let Me Know 6707A 1967
I'm Gonna Love You 6707B 1967
P-1007 Edward Hamilton & Arabians Thank You Mother 1007 1967
P-1008 Thank You Mother 1008 1967
P-1009 Edward Hamilton & Natural Looks Yes I Can 1009 1968
P-1010 My Darling Baby [2nd release strings added] 1010 1968
P-1010 Edward Hamilton & Natural Looks My Darling Baby [strings added] 1010 1968
P-1111 Willing Mind 1112 1968
Research: R.Dearlove

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