Ric-Tic Records were formed in 1964 by Ed Wingate, who owned the label. The original address was 4039 Buena Vista, Detroit, but this was changed to 3246 Davison West, Detroit. Such was the high quality of the releases, Berry Gordy at Motown brought out the company in 1968, which incorporated Golden World and Wingate, to lessen the effect of compitition. Very few labels's came close to reproducing the 'Motown' sound as Ric-Tic. Such notible names like Edwin  Starr, Detroit Emeralds, Fantastic Four, J.J. Barnes and Laura Lee all appear on the label. When you consider that all of these plus all of the top session men and production teams in the area appeared on the releases, it's easy to see why Gordy moved in. Northern Soul plays marked with yellow.
Cat. Number Artist A-Side/B-Side Mattrix Date
RT-100 Gino Washington Gino is a Coward R4KM 3770 1964
Puppet On A String R4KM 3771 1964
RT-101 Freddie Gorman In A Bad way ZTSC 97600 1965
There Can Be Too Much ZTSC 97601 1965
RT-102 Freddie Gorman Just Can't Get It Out Of My Mind ZTSC 97764 1965
Take Me Back ZTSC 97765 1965
RT-103 Edwin Starr Agent 00 - Soul ZTSC 104309 1965
Agent 00 - Soul (Inst.) ZTSC 104314 1965
Standard early design, pale blue b/4 this one

Standard Demo

Later label design

RT-104 San Remo Golden Strings & Bob Wilson Hungry For Love (Inst) ZTSC 104358 1965
All Turned On (Inst) ZTSC 104459 1965
RT-105 Rose Batiste That's What He Told Me ZTSC 104399 1965
Holding  Hands ZTSC 104500 1965
RT-106 J.J. Barnes Please Let Me In ZTSC 107281 1965
I Think I Found A Love ZTSC 107282 1965
RT-107 Edwin Starr Back Street ZTSC 107342 1966
Back Street (Inst) ZTSC 107343 1966
RT-108 San Remo Golden Strings Blueberry Hill (Inst) ZTSC 107329 1966
I'm Satisfied (Inst) ZTSC 107330 1966
RT-109 Edwin Starr Stop Her On Sight ZTSC 107499 1966
I Have Faith In You ZTSC 107549 1966
RT-109X Edwin Starr Scott's On Swingers (DJ theme music to S.O.S) ZTSC 107651 1966
RT-110 J.J. Barnes I Ain't Gonna Do It ZTSC 107511 1966
Real Humdinger ZTSC 107512 1966
RT-111 Laura Lee To Win Your Heart ZTSC 107550 1966
So Will I ZTSC 107551 1966
RT-112 San Remo Golden Strings Festival Time (Inst) ZTSC 107561 1966
Joy Road (Inst) ZTSC 107562 1966
RT-114 Edwin Starr Harlem ZTSC 107500 1966
Joy Road ZTSC 107868 1966
RT-115 J.J. Barnes Day Triper ZTSC 107870 1966
Don't Bring Me Bad News ZTSC 107871 1966
RT-116 San Remo Golden Strings Quanto Sei Bella ZTSC 121050 1966
International Love Theme ZTSC 121051 1966
RT-117 J.J. Barnes Say It ZTSC 121082 1966
Deeper In Love ZTSC 121083 1966
RT-118 Edwin Starr It's My Turn Now ZTSC 121115 1966
Girls Are Getting Prettier ZTSC 121116 1966
RT-119 Fantastic Four Girl have Pity ZTSC 121127 1966
(I'm Gonna) Live Upto What Se Thinks ZTSC 121128 1966
RT120 Edwin Starr My Kind Of Woman ZTSC 121170 1966
You're My Mellow ZTSC 121171 1966
RT-121 Fantastic Four Can't Stop Looking For My Baby ZTSC 121547 1967
Just The Lonely ZTSC 121548 1967
RT-122 Fantastic Four Ain't Love Wonderful ZTSC 125728 1967
The Whole World Is A Stage ZTSC 125729 1967
RT-123 Al Kent The Way You Been Acting Lately ZTSC 125781 1967
The Way You Been Acting Lately (Inst) ZTSC 125782 1967
RT-124 Andre Williams You Got It And I Want It ZTSC 125794 1967
I Can't Stop Crying ZTSC 125795 1967
RT-125 Willie G [William Wingate] Meet me Halfway ZTSC 125812 1967
(Loving Me is Like) Money In The Bank ZTSC 125813 1967
RT-127 Al Kent Where Do I Go From Here ZTSC 126076 1967
You Got To Pay The Price (inst) ZTSC 126077 1967
RT-128 Fantastic Four You Gave Me Everything ZTSC 126078 1967
I Don't want To Live Without You ZTSC 126079 1967
RT-129 Flaming Embers Let's Have a Love-In ZTSC 126140 1967
Wingate's Love-In Strings Let's Have A Love-In (Inst) ZTSC 126141 1967
RT-130 Fantastic Four As Long As I Live (I Live For You) ZTSC 126421 1967
To Share Your Love ZTSC 126422 1967
RT-131 Wingate's Love-In Strings Let's Have A Love-In (Inst) ZTSC 126141 1967
Flaming Embers She's A Real Live Wire ZTSC 126605 1967
RT-132 Flaming Embers Let's have a Love-In ZTSC 126140 1967
Hey Mama (Whatcha Got Good) ZTSC 126633 1967
RT-133 Al Kent Orchestra Ooh! Pretty Lady (inst) ZTSC 126810 1967
Finders Keepers ZTSC 126812 1967
RT-134 Fantastic Four As Long As The Feeling Is There ZTSC 126833 1967
Goddess Of  Love ZTSC 126834 1967
RT-135 Detroit Emeralds Showtime ZTSC 127008 1968
Showtime (Inst) ZTSC 127009 1968
RT-136 Fantastic Four Love Is A Many Splendoured Thing ZTSC 127040 1968
Goddess Of Love ZTSC 126034 1968
RT-137 Fantastic Four Man In Love ZTSC 127008 1968
No Love Like Your Love ZTSC 127009 1968
RT-138 Detroit Emeralds Shades Down ZTSC 127040 1968
Ode To Billy Joe ZTSC 126834 1968
RT-139 Fantastic Four I've Got To Have You ZTSC 127252 1968
Win Or Lose (I'm Going To Love You) ZTSC 127253 1968
RT-140 Flaming Embers Bless You (My Love) ZTSC 127273 1968
Al Kent Bless You (My Love) ZTSC 127274 1968
RT-141 Detroit Emeralds I'm An Ordinary Man ZTSC 127432 1968
I'll Keep on Coming Back ZTSC 127433 1968
RT-142 Little Ann Going Down a One Way Street ZTSC 127440 1968
I'd Like To Know You Better ZTSC 127441 1968
RT-143 Flaming Embers Children ZTSC 141111 1968
Children (Inst) ZTSC 141112 1968
RT-144 Flaming Embers I Love You Madly ZTSC 141113 1968
I Love You Madly (Inst) ZTSC 141114 1968
RT-145 Flaming Embers Just Like Children ZTSC 141136 1968
Tell It Like It Is ZTSC 141137 1968
LP-901/SLP 901 San Remo Golden Stings - Hungry For Love - 1966
Tracks: Hungry For Love  / Downtown  / Joy Road  / A Child's Prayer  / Some Things You Never Get Used To  / Blueberry Hill  // I'm Satisfied  / People  / Old Man River  / Lonely One  / Everybody Loves A Lover
Research: Rod Dearlove

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