Soul Hawk

Soul Hawk was part of the Palmer label. 1010 was distributed by Atlantic, hence the different mattrix number on the re-issue. The label design changed through most of the releases, 001-003 are red with black lettering, 107 & 108 are pink with darker pink lettering, 109 was yellow and the re-issue was grey.
Cat. Number Artist A-Side/B-Side Mattrix Date
SH 001 Jimmy 'Soul' Clark (Come On And Be My) Sweet Darling SH 001 A 1967
(Somebody) Stop That Girl SH 001 B 1967
SH 002 The Third Party Such A Fool Says (Part 1) SH 002 A 1967
Such A Fool Says (Part 2) SH 002 B 1967
SH 003 Jimmy 'Soul' Clark (I'll Be Your Champion) I'll Be Your Winner SH 003 A 1967
A Girls World (Inst.) SH 003 B 1967

1007 The Mighty Lovers Ain't Gonna Run No More 1007 A 1968
(She Keeps) Driving Me Out Of My Mind 1007 B 1968
1008 New Holidays Maybe So, Maybe No 1008 A 1969
If I Only Knew 1008 B 1969
1009 Eric & The Vikings Vibrations (Make Us Fall In Love) 1009 A 1970
Get Off The Streets Y'all (inst) 1009 B 1970
1010 Eric & The Vikings Vibrations (Make Us Fall In Love) SHK 19725 1973
Get Off The Streets Y'all (Inst) SHK 19726 1973
Research: R. Dearlove

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