Stephenye Records was owned by Gene Redd. Four of all six releases are of interest to Northern Soul collectors, 'Goose Pimples' being the most popular..the backing and some of lyrics for 'Goose Pimples' was used by Shelby Singleton on the Inspirations 'Touch Me Hold Me Kiss Me' . 'Monkey See, Monkey Do' is an instrumental based on 'Since I Lost My Baby' by The Temptations.
Cat. Number Artist A-Side/B-Side Mattrix Date
STP 333 Shirley J. Scott Lonely Girl ZTSC 107534 1966
Goose Pimples ZTSC 107535 1966
STP 334 Roy Handy Baby That's A Groove ZTSC 107536 1966
Monkey See, Monkey Doo (Inst) ZTSC 107327 1966
STP 335 Phophets I Can't Make It ZTSC 121004 1966
My Kind Of Girl ZTSC 121004 1966
Issue copy of last release

Promo copy of first release

Only 3 singles released

Research: R.Dearlove

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