Chisa was owned by Hugh Maskela and distributed by Motown. 803 also came out again as alt version on 811 with "Can't Wait To See You" on Flip side in 1971 (CHI 123). Some singles are released in red vinyl.
Cat. Number Artist A-Side/B-Side Mattrix Date
8001 Stu Gardner Home On The Range (Everybody Needs A Home) CHI 100 Sep-1969
It's A Family Thang' CH1 101
8001 Stu Gardner Home On The Range (Everybody Needs A Home) ext CHI 108 Oct-1969
Mind This Generation CHI 109
8002 Monk Montgomery A Place In The Sun CHI 102 Sep-1969
Your Love CHI 103

8003 Arthur Adams It's Private Tonight CHI 103 Sep-1969
Let's Make Some Love CHI 105
8004 Anonymous Children of  Today Can We Talk To You? (For A Little While) Nov-1969
Love And Peace
8005 Dorothy, Oma and Zelpha featuring Dorothy Berry Gonna Put It On Your Mind May-1969
Dorothy, Oma and Zelpha featuring Oma Drake Henry Blake
8006 Five Smooth Stones I Will Never Love Another CHI 112 Nov-1969
Love Unto Me
8007 Stu Gardner Expressin' My Love Feb-1970
I Don't Dream No More CH1 115
8008 Arthur Adams My Baby's Love Apr-1970
Loving You
8009 Hugh Masekela You Keep Me Hangin' On Sep-1970
Make Me A Potion
8010 Jazz Crusaders Way Back Home Nov-1970
8012 Letta I Won't Weep No More Mar-1971
You Touched Me
8013 The Crusaders Pass The Plate May-1971
Greasy Spoon
8014 Hugh Masekela and The Union of South Africa Dyambo (Dee-Yambo) Weary Days Are Over June-1971
8015 Arthur Adams Uncle Tom NR
Mornin' Train NR
Research: Global Productions

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