The Sidra label was established in 1966 and was based at 18292 Wyoming Avenue, Detroit, Michigan. It was also linked to a least three other labels, Team Town, W.I.G, plus a subsidiary, Drew. Little is known of the artist's, Barbara Mercer also a subsidiary, Drew. Barbara Mercer also had releases on Golden World. Ronnie & Robyn also recorded for HBR, Ronnie having since died of leukemia. The Embraceable s consisted of four females, Wyline Ivey, Gladys Scott, Evelyn Green and Pearl Jones. Wyline Ivey had previously been with the Corvells on Serock. The group are not connected to the Mobile, Alabama based group of the same name. Northern Soul plays, in Yellow.
Cat. Number Artist A-Side/B-Side Mattrix Date
S-9003 5 Of A Kind Please Tell Me (They Were Wrong) ZTSC 121209 1966
The Other Side (inst) ZTSC 121210 1966
S-9004 Chosen Lot If You Want To ZTSC 121544 1966
Time Was ZTSC 121545 1966
S-9006 Chris Carpenter Waterfalls
This World

S-9007 Ronnie & Robyn Sidra's Theme (inst) ZTSC 121603 1966
Blow Out The Candle ZTSC 121656 1966
S-9008 The Chantones I Remember You ZTSC 121683 1966
Talkin' ZTSC 121684 1966
S-9009 The Oxford Five The World I've Planned
Out Of Love For You
S-9010 Emraceables Here I Go SI-C-1007
Let My Baby Go SI-C-1008
S-9011 Ronnie Robyn Step Into My Heart SI-C-10009
As Long As You Love me SI-C-10010
S-9012 Barbara Mercer So Real ZTSC 126415 1967
Call On Me ZTSC 126416 1967
S-9013 Timmy Willis Mr Soul Satisfaction 9013-A
I'm Wondering 9013-B
Sidra related Productions (gaps in No.s)
S-9001 Ronnie & Robyn Candle Of Love [Issued On Team Town] ZTSC 121026 1966
S-9002 Dreamin'  ZTSC 121027 1966
S-9003 Gino Washington Romeo [Issued on W.I.G.] ZTSC 121534 1966
Now You're Lonely ZTSC 121535 1966
9933 Pearl Jones My Man [Issued on W.I.G.]
Please Stay

Research: Rod Dearlove


  1. Looking for a copy of the 1966 Sidra 45 RPM Oxford Five record "The World I've Planned" (A side) and "Out of Love For You" (B side). I am a member of the former band and just would like to have this record for my own use. email twhitesell325@gmail.com

  2. No sorry, doesn't turn up to often. Quite popular with the Psych/Garage band fans. Try www.raresoulman.co.uk from time to time.