The Thelma label is thought to have been originally names after Berry Gordy's sister of the same name. The label's first address is 8040 Daxter, Detroit. Later the label moved to 6519 Grand River, a busy highway and a haven at this time for record companies. (Correc-Tone etc.,) Non of the first five releases bear a label address on them, or a number, they simply show label's telephone number (Ty4-2282). All 45's prior 101 are pale green with black lettering, 101 & 102 are pale yellow, 104 to 106 are red with silver details, 107 to 112 are a black background with silver lettering. 113 was issued on a pale blue label. Northern Soul plays in yellow.
Cat. Number Artist A-Side/B-Side Mattrix Date
Alberta Adams I Got Walking ZTSC82363
Without Your Love ZTSC82364
Roger Wade Little Girl ZTSC84946
I Can Only Hurt You ZTSC84947
Magnificent Seven The Groove ZTSC90786
The Leap Frog ZTSC90787

Will Hatcher This And That ZTSC90796
It Takes Two ZTSC90797
Emanuel Laskey I Need Somebody ZTSC94494
Tomorrow ZTSC94495
T-501 Jimmy Gilford Nobody Love Me Like My Baby ZTSC96790 1962
Too Late To Cry ZTSC96791 1962
T-601 Robert Ward & Ohio Untouchables Your Love Is Real ZTSC96913 1962
Nobody Does Something For Nothing ZTSC96912 1962
T-602 Robert Ward & Ohio Untouchables Your Love Is Real ZTSC96913 1962
I'm Gonna Cry A River ZTSC96914 1962
T-603 Robert Ward She's My Heart's Desire
What To Do
T-100 Emanuel Laskey The Monkey ZTSC90808 1963
Wehfare Cheese ZTSC90809 1963
T-101 Emanuel Laskey Crazy ZTSC97579
Welfare Cheese ZTSC97809
T-102 Rose Batiste I Can't Leave You ZTSC97689 1964
Somebody ZTSC97690 1964
T-103(Pat Smith Cancelled)

T-104 Joe Matthews She's My Beauty Queen ZTSC97693
It Is Worth It All ZTSC97694
T-105 Eddie Hill You Got The Best Of Me ZTSC97695
Baby I Cried ZTSC97696
T-106 Emanuel Laskey Don't Lead Me On Baby ZTSC97699
What Did I Do Wrong ZTSC97700
T-107 Joe Matthews Sorry Ain't Good Enough For Me ZTSC97697 1967
You Better Mend Your Ways ZTSC97698 1967
T-108 Emanuel Laskey I'm A Peace Loving Man HJC 701
Sweet Lies HJC 702
T-109 Billy Kennedy Sweet Things HJC 703
This Is a Groovy Generation HJC 704
T-110 Emanuel Laskey (I've Got To) Run For My Life HJC 705
You Better Be Sure HJC 706
T-111 Martha Starr No Part Time Love For Me HJC 707
It's Too Bad Baby HJC 708
T-112 Martha Starr Love Is The Only Solution HJC 709
I'm Lonely HJC 710
T-113 Martha Starr Sweey Louie HJC 711
I Wanna Be Your Girl HJC 712
Emanuel Laskey (or Lasky in some cases, notibly his early releases) is a well known name, his "I Need Somebody"/"Tomorrow" was issued on NPC 1003, a Pittsburgh label. T-103 was also issued on Wild Duce 1003. Some of the Thelma backing tracks were also used on different labels. The backing track of "She's My Beautty Queen" was issued on James Riley's Diamond Jim logo for The Tempo's "I'll Never Forget"  (Diamond Jim 8792). Martha Starr's "Love Is The Only Solution" backing track was also used for "Carlena" The Just Brothers (Garrison 3003). Thema also had a subsidary, Ge Ge Records.
Research: Rod Dearlove

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