Tr-Phi was owned by The Moonglows singer & manager Harvey Fuqua &  his wife Gwen Gordy (Berry Gordy's sister). There doesn't appear to be any DJ's copies or label variants on Tri-Phi. Berry Gordy purchased the label along with Harvey in 1963.
Cat. Number Artist A-Side/B-Side Mattrix Date
TP-1001 The Spinners That's What Girls Are Made For M80W-7541 5-1961
Heebie Jeebies M80W-7542 5-1961
TP-1002 Johnnie & Jackie Carry Your Own Load 6-1961
So Disappointing 6-1961
TP-1003 Lorri Rudolph Don't Let Them Tell Me (Tell Me Yourself) MOBW-1088 9-1961
Grieveing Around Love MOBW-1089 9-1961
TP-1004 The Spinners I'm So Glad (Love I Found You) 11-1961
The Playmates Dud Duster 11-1961
TP-1005 Johnny & Jackie Someday We'll Be Together MOBW-2493 11-1961
Sho - Don't Pay MOBW-2492 11-1961
TP-1006 Shorty Long I'll Be There 1-1961
Bad Willie 1-1961
TP-1007 The Spinners What Did She Use 12-1961
Itchin' For My Baby (But I Don't Know What To Scratch) 12-1961
TP-1008 Davenprort Sisters You've Got Me Vrying Again 2-1962
Hoy Hoy 2-1962
TP-1009 Jordan Haronisers Do You Know Him 3-1962
I Dont't Mind 3-1962
TP1010 Harvey Whistling About You 3-1962
She Loves Me So 3-1962
TP-1011 The Merced Blue Notes Midnite Session (Part 1) 4-1962
Midnite Session (Part 2) 4-1962
TP-1012 The Challengers Honey Honey Honey 6-1962
Stay With Me 6-1962
TP-1013 The Spinners I've Been Hurt 6-1962
I've Got Your Water Boiling 6-1962
TP-1014 The Ervin Sisters Changing Baby 6-1962
Do It Right 6-1962
TP-1015 Shorty Long I'll Be Here 8-1962
Too Smart 8-1962
TP-1016 Johnny & Jackey Do You See My Love Growing 10-1962
Carry Your Own Load 10-1962
TP-1017 Harvey She Loves Me So H-2376-G 11-1962
Anyway You Wanna H-2377-G 11-1962
TP-1018 Bobby Smith & The Spinners She Don't Love Me 12-1962
TooYoung, Too Much, Too Soon 12-1962
TP-1019 Johnny & Jackie Baby Don't Cha Worry 2381-AG 1-1963
Stop What You're Saying 2382-AG 1-1963
TP-1020 Challengers III/Ann Bogan (Ann & Harvey Fuqua Everyday H-2383 1-1963
I Hear An Echo H-2384 1-1963
TP-1021 Shorty Long What's The Matter 2-1963
Going Away 2-1963
TP-1022 Ervin Sisters Why I Love Him 3-1963
Everyday's A Holiday 3-1963
TP-1023 The Merced Blue Notes Whole Lotta Nothing M-2389-G 4-1963
Fragile M-2390-G 4-1963
TP-1024 Harvey Come On And Answer me 5-1963
Memories Of You 5-1963
 Research: Gordon Grewin/Mickey Nold

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