Based at the corner of Hamilton and Tuxedo, the Tri-Sound label only issued two known singles. Yellow indicated Northern Soul plays.
Cat. Number Artist A-Side/B-Side Mattrix Date
501 - A The Devotions Same Old Sweet Lovin' 502 A 1966
Devil's Gotten Into My Baby 502 B 1966
TS 601 Ed Crook That's Alright TS 601 1966
You'll See TS 602 1966

   The Devotions consisted of three females, Ragina Wood (lead), Rosemary Green and Bobby Hemmitt. A point of interest, on the official 'a' side of 501 "Same Old Sweet Lovin", released on a gold label with black lettering, there is no copyright stamp simply a box with the letters PEND in it, possibly indicating a rush release.
   Ed Crook "That's Alright" was issued in 1966, the same year as the Devotions, on a yellow label with black lettering, some copies have a black cross over label. The label was owned by Robert Eaton and Benjamin Knight and both discs were licenced from B & B Music. The logo's full address was 11825 Hamilton, Detroit, Michigan 48203.
Research & Info Rod Dearlove

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