Workshop Jazz

Owned by Berry Gordy. Very short lived (one month!!). Last release had a picture sleeve.
Cat. Number Artist A-Side/B-Side Mattrix Date
2001 Hank & Carol Diamond Exodus ZTSC 82700 12-05-62
I Remember You ZTSC 84766 12-05-62
2002 Earl Washington Opus No. II ZTSC 82696 16-05-62
March Lightly ZTSC 82699 16-05-62
2003 Paula Greer I Want To Talk Abot You NR NR
So In Love NR NR

2004 Dave Hamilton Last Fraight NOBW-4369 24-05-62
Mellow In Coli NOBW-4367 24-05-62
2005 Johnny Griffith Trio I'll See You Latter NOBW-4275 24-05-62
I Did 24-05-62
2006 George Bohanon Bobby NOBW-4747 24-05-62
El Rig NOBW-4750  24-05-62
2007 Paula Greer I Did NOBW-1952 24-05-62
Falling In Love With Love [Picture Sleeve] 24-05-62
Research: Don Waller/Mickey Nold

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