In 1958 Johnnie Mae Matthews opened an office-cum-rehearsal room at 2608 Blaine, just a few blocks from her home at 2900 Carter, and named it the Northern Recording Company, although the first single shows 2207 North Broad Street. The studio engineer was Danny Dallas, some early recordings were made at WCHB radio station. Matthews was one of the first Black women to own a records company. Her other labels were Audrey, Bon & Reel The Distants were later to be the Temptaions & Popcorn & His Mowhawks was Richard 'Popcorn' Wylie.
Cat. Number Artist A-Side/B-Side Mattrix Date
503 The Nomads Heart Attack 1959
You’re The Only One 1959
3727 Johnnie Mae Matthews & Her Dapps Dreamer 1959
Indian Joe 1959
3729 Johnnie Mae Matthews & Her Dapps Mr Fine 1959
Chet Oliver  Some Day 1959
First of the 1950's recordings

Last  of the 1960's recording

Last of the 1950's recordings

3730 Skip & Fruit & The Algers Heavenly Father 1960
Oh Baby 1960
3731 Mr. Bo I'm Leaving This Town 1960
Hard Times Once More 1960
2732 Johnnie Mae Matthews  So Lonely 1960
Help Me
3732 Popcorn & His Mohawks Pretty Girl 1960
You're The One
3732 The Distants Come On 1960
3733 The Distants Come On  1960
3734  Charlie Gabriel & His Sextet Judy Mo-Joo 1960
? 1960
3735  Don Davis & His Groovers Let's Do It 1960
Let's Do It (Inst.) 1960
3736 Johnnie Mae Matthews & Her Dapps Ooh Wee 1960
Give Me True Love 1960
3740 Richard Kateo (Richard Street) Pink Cadillac Part 1 1960
Pink Cadillac Part 2 1960
3742 Johnnie Mae Matthews Help Me 1960
So Lonely  1960
3744 Richard Kateo Pink Cadillac Part 1
Pink Cadillac Part 2
3746 Johnnie Mae Matthews  Nobody's Business (What I Do)
My Destination (Is True Love)
3748 Maiden Sisters The Clock On The Wall
4736 Johnnie Mae Matthews Nobody Business (What I Do) 1963
My Destination (It True Love) 1963
10039 Johnnie Mae Matthews  It's Good 1979
Come On Back 1979
10040 Johnnie Mae Matthews I Can Feel It  1980
Crazy About You 1980
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