Sound Impression Records (SIR)

Sound Impression Records was owned by Ed Wingate. Bari Track is an instrumental version of Rose Batiste's 'Hit & Run' It's thought that 'Bari' comes from Mike Terry's use of the Bari-tone saxophone. 'I Have Faith...' is an instrumental version of a song sung by Edwin Starr (a copy sold for £875 in March 2011). Yellow = Northern Soul plays.
Cat. Number Artist A-Side/B-Side Mattrix Date
SI 6801 The Gents Time (Inst)
SI 6803 Solitary Confinement You Send Me 1967
A Winner Never Quits 1967
SIR 6807 Doni Burdick I Have Faith In You 1967
Bari Track 1967
SIR 6809 Doni Burdick Open The Door To Your Heart 1967
If You Ever Walked Out Of My Life 1967

Research: Mickey Nold


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