All Brothers

All Brothers Although this was a Philly label it's thought to have Detroit connections.White label bootleg copies exists of Ann Robinson & red ones of Emanon Bros.. Ann recorded initially for Sonny Hopsons All Brothers label which released 'Bird Walkin' by the Emanons Orch, which despite different writer/publisher credits, is a reworking of the rhythm track of 'World of happiness' ..... The Emanons as 'The Freedom Now Brothers' released a track called 'Sissy walk' on All Brothers and Ann cut a vocal on this entitled 'you did it' ....what Sonny told Dave was that he had wanted to do 'Bird Walkin' as a vocal but the Emanons (a male group) couldn't cut the vocal track how he wanted so he got Ann to do a vocal on that tune as well which was never issued.
Cat. Number Artist A-Side/B-Side Mattrix Date
A-61069-Y Ann Robinson You Did It19691969
I'm Still Waiting 1969

Emanon's Orch Bird Walkin' [inst]
A-72869-L The Amanon's Look In The Want Adds

Research: Mickey Nold/Andy Rix


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