Magic City

Magic City Records were owned my Ernest Burt and based at 8912 Grand River Avenue, Detroit, 48204 - formerly the address used by Correc-Tone.Yellow demotes Northern Soul plays.
Cat. Number Artist A-Side/B-Side Mattrix Date
MC-001A Leah Dawson & Choker Campbell Orchestra My Mechanical Man MC 001A 1966
Strange Things Happen MC 001A 1966
MC-002 Horrace Williams & Choker Campbell & Magic City Orch I'm Going Christmas Shopping MC 002A 1966
Santa Goofed MC 002B 1966
MC-003A Bonnie Brisker Somebody Really Loves Me (Guess You) MC 003A
So Much Lovin' (Deep Inside Of Me) MC 003B
MC-004A Versatones Rollin' Rollin' MC 004A
With A Broken Heart MC 004B
1966 First release in gold

Now much collected Northern  'b' side

Colourful standard logo

MC-005 Thelma Lindsay Why Wern't You There 005
MC-006 Prepared To Love You 006
A-MC-006 Cynthia & The Imaginations There's Something The Matter With Your Heart MC 006A
B-MC-006 Is There Anyone, Anywhere MC 006B
MC-007A Mad Dog & The Pups Hep Squeeze (Part 1) AR-953-1
Hep Squeeze (Party Time) AR-953-2
MC-008A Soul Toranadoes Go For Yourself AR-1974-1
Funky Thang AR-1074-2
MC-009A Mad Dog & The Pups Funky Monkey 009-A
Funky Monkey 009-B
MC-010 Young Sirs There's Something The Matter MC 010
MC-011 African Love MC 011
MC-011A Mad Dog & The Pups Please Don't Let me Go L-011A
MC-012 Mad Dog & The Pups Why Did You Leave Me Girl MC 012A
Why Did You Leave Me Girl (Inst) MC 012B
MC-014 Soul Toronadoes Hot Pants Breakdown 0-14-A
Boot's Groove 0-14-B
MC-015 Mad Dog & The Pups Look Into My Eyes MC-015-A
Please let Me Go MC-015-B
MC-016 Mad Dog & The Pups Come Into My Love Shop MC-016A
Come Into My Love Shop (Inst.) MC-016B
MC-017 Sweet Geraldine Sweet Pea MC-017
Sweet Pea (Inst) MC-017
MC-018 Mad Dogs & The Pups Bring It To The Light MC-018A
Funky Monkey MC-018B
MC-019 Sweet Geraldine Make Love To Me (Babe) MC-019A
Brainstorm MC-017B
MC-020 Sweet Genaldine Have Myself A Cry MC-020A
Brainstorm MC-017B
4519 Mad Dog & The Pups Hip Squeeze (Part 1) 45B1A
Hip Squeeze (Part 2) 45B1B
Research: Rod Dearlove

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