Correc-tone was owned by Wilbur Goldman and was based at 9031, 12th Street, Detroit. Later the label moved to 8912 Grand River Avenue, which later housed Magic City Records. The label design varied between a yellow background with black lettering to multi-coloured label mainly yellow and black ( with a serated edge effect) sometimes with blue lines. Practically all of the recordings on Correct-tone were local artists, some like Wilson Pickett, who joined the label from Lupine where he was a member of the Falcons. Danny Woods later joined Chairmen Of The Board. Theresa Lindsey moved to Golden World in 1966, then later back to 8912 Grand River Avenue with Ernest Burt's Magic City label.
Cat. Number Artist A-Side/B-Side Mattrix Date
C 501 Wilson Picket Let Me Be Your Boy ZTSC 82629 1962
My Heart Belongs To You ZTSC 82630 1962
C 502 James Velvet Bouquet Of Flowers ZTSC 82627 1962
When I Need You ZTSC 82628 1962
C 503 Gino Washington Gino's A Coward ZTSC 82839 1964
Puppet On A String ZTSC 82840 1964

1052 A Danny Woods You Had Me Fooled 1052 A 1965
My Love For You Will Never Be The Same 1052 B 1965
1053 A Theresa Lindsey It's Love 1053 A 1965
Good Idea 1053 B 1965
3178 Yvonne Vernee Does He Love Me Anymore R3KM 3178
So Much In Love R3KM 3179
3476 Pacesetters The Monkey Whip PK4M 3176
Around The World PK4M 3177
3807 Dobbie Downs Darling PK4M 3807
It Won't Be Long PK4M 3806
3810 Lillian Dorr The Thrill Is Gone PK4M 3810
I Need You PK4M 3811
CT-5840 Theresa Lindsay Gotta Find A Way [COR 7504] PK4M 5840
Wonderful One  [COR 7303] PK4M 5884
CT-5841 Theresa Lindsay Sugar Mountain  [COR 8368] PK4M
Why Oh Why [COR 8369] PK4M
The Donays Devil In His Heart  1962
Bad Boy 1962
C503 was also issued on Ric-Tic (RT-100), Lillian Dorr joined Correc-tone from Allrite circa 1962 and left the label to join the Vonnettes, "Touch My Heart" on Cobblestone may be familiar to most collectors. Yvonne Vernee is the lead vocalist on the Donay's single. She also replaced Saundra Edwards in the Elgins when "Heaven Must Have Sent You" scored on a re-issue in the UK using the name Yvonne Allen. Gino Washington also appeared on several other labels including Wand, Creed, Atta and Mala.
Research: Rod Dearlove

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