Groove City

The label was thought to be owned by Don Davis and all issues were dark green with silver lettering except 101 which is gold with black lettering. AR 9062 was issued on ramrock 101 (B) but issued with a different flip. "Did My Baby Call" backing was used on Steve Mancha on Wheelsville 102a. Northern Soul plays are yellow.
Cat. Number Artist A-Side/B-Side Mattrix Date
101 Professionals That's why I Love You SI-CI0045 A 1965

Did My Baby Call SI-CI0045 B 1965
GC 201 A Robert Ward My Love Is Strickly Reserved For You 201 A
I Will Fear No Evil 201 B
GC 202 Fred Briggs Sound Off
I'm So Sorry

GC 204 Steve Mancha Hate Yourself In The Morning GC 104 A
A Love Like Yours GC 104 B
GC 205 Sam Ward Stone Broke 205 A
Sister Lee 205 B
GC 206 Hollidays Easy Living 206 A
I've Lost You 206 B
AR 960 Cody Black Because You First Loved Me AR 960 1
The Night A Star Was Born AR 960 2

Research: Rod Dearlove

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