The De-To label was owned by Doc Kyle, along with Music Now and Detroit Sound. The numbers are shared with Music Now Label . Two versions of DT 2285 were cut (II) 1975 & (III) with Tam & Strings 1977. In 1976 due to demand DT 2878 was re-pressed with an Intrumental flip.
Cat. Number Artist A-Side/B-Side Mattrix Date
DS 2874 A Maxine Woods & Pat Patterson I'm So Hungry 2874 A
Maxine Woods One Rainy Day 2874 B
DS 2875 A D & Joe Instant Happiness 2875 A
Alone In The Chapel 2875 B
DS 2878 A Ronnie Mc Neir Sitting In My Class 1966
Isn't She Such A Pretty Thing 1966

1A Attractions Time Goes By So Slowly ZTSC 126100 1967
Burn Up Some Road (Back To My Baby) ZTSC 126101 1967
DT 2885 A Dee Edwards I Can Deal With That 611426 A/2285 A 1975/77
Posses Me 611426 B/2285 B 1975/77
DS 910086  Silver Shadow We Are Here To Party 1837 1979
It’s The Funk Maker 1838 1979
 Research: Mickey Nold

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