Top Dog

Top Dog was owned by Artie Fields at Artie Fields Productions, 9430 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, Michigan. It was set up to compete with the 'British Pop Invasion" Most tracks are Pop records with the exception of  Kris Paterson.
Cat. Number Artist A-Side/B-Side Mattrix Date
A-100 Camel Drivers It's Gonna Rain 100 A
The Grass Looks  Greener 100 B
A-101 Don Rondo Just Before The Battle 101 A
101 B
A-102  Kris Peterson Just As Much 102 A
Unbelievable 102 B

A-103 Camel Drivers Sunday Morning O’clock 103 A
Give It A Try 103 B
A-104 Camel Drivers Forgive Us 104 A
104 B
A-105  Joe Towns Together We Can Make It 105 A
Down And Out World 105 B
A-106 Joe Towns Take Momma Out Of That Shack (Put Some Clothes On My Momma's Back 106 A
 Down And Out World 106 B
A-107 Joe Towns You Can’t Hold Me Back 107 A
Busy Signal 107 B
A-108  Joe Towns Look Around And You’ll Find Me 108 A
Down And Out World 108 B
A-109 Pushcart I’ve Got A Ticket To The World 108 A
Yo-Te-Amo 108 B
A-200 Camel Drivers You Made A Believer Of Me 109 A
Give It A Try 109 B
A-201 Camel Drivers I'm Gonna Make You Mine 201 A
The Grass Looks Greener 100  B
Research:Mickey Nold

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