The Harvey label belonged to Harvey FuquaFuqua founded the seminal  R&B/doo-wop group the Moonglows in the 1950s. He is noted for later having been one of the key figures in the development of theMotown label in Detroit, Michigan: his group gave Marvin Gaye's musical career a start, and Fuqua and his wife at the time, Gwen Gordy, distributed the very first Motown hit single, Barrett Strong's "Money (That's What I Want)", on their record label, Anna Records. Fuqua later sold Anna Records to Gwen's brother Berry Gordy, and became a songwriter and executive at MotownNorthern Soul plays = yellow.
Cat. Number Artist A-Side/B-Side Mattrix Date
HA 111 Eddie Burns Orange Driver MO8W-2469 11-1961
Lard Hearted Woman MO8W-2470 11-1961
HA 112 Loe & Joe Little Ol Boy, Little Ol Girl MO8W-4095
That's How I Am Without You [G-569-H] MO8W-4096
HA 113 Jr. Walker & The All Stars Twist Lackawanna MO8W-4822 10-62
Willie's Blues MO8W-4823 10-62

HA 114 Five Quails Get To School On Time MO8W-4824 09-62
Been A Long Time MO8W-4818 09-62
HA 115 Eddie Burns The Thing To Do MO8W-4919 1962
Mean & Evil (Baby) MO8W-4920 1962
HA 116 The Quails Never Felt Like This Before G-577-H 09-62
My Love G-576-H 09-62
HA 117 Jr. Walker & The All Stars Cleo's Mood G-579-H 09-62
Brain Washer G-578-H 09-62
HA 118 Eddie Burns (Don't Be) Messin' With My Bread G-580-H 11-62
Orange Driver G-581-H 11-62
HA 119 Jr. Walker & The All Stars Good Rockin' G-582-H 01-63
Brain Washer (Part 2) G-583-H 01-63
HA 120 The Quails Over The Hump G-584-H 05-63
I Thought G-585-H 04-63
HA 121 Harvey & Ann What Can You Do Now G-586-H 05-63
Will I Do G-587-H 05-63
 Research: Mickey Nold/Wiki

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