Owned by Berry Gordy, R&B for four releases, then is became a Country label.Northern Soul Plays = yellow.
Cat. Number Artist A-Side/B-Side Mattrix Date
101 Creations This Is Our Night DM-6-006216 22-07-62
My Inspiration DM-6-006217 22-07-62
102 Lamont Dozier Dearest One DM-V-003320 15-06-62
Fortune Teller Me DM-V-003321 15-06-62
103 Vells I'll Never Cherish A Love So True ('till You lose It) DM-V-009100 01-10-62
There He Is (At My Door) DM-V-009101 01-10-62
104 Charters Trouble Over [some test pressings found] NR NR
Show Me A Sign NR NR

105 Pirates Mind Over Maters 29-09-62
I'll Love You 'till I Die 29-09-62
106 Chuck A Luck Sugar Caine Curtain 07-02-63
Dingbatt Diller 07-02-63
107 Jack Hanley & Nikiter Armstrong Peacful
Summitt Chanted Meeting
109 Howard Crockett The Big Wheel 30-12-63
That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mne 30-12-63
110 Gene Henslee Shambles 21-01-64
Beautiful Woman 21-01-64
111 Howard Crockett Bringing In The Gold 30-03-64
I've Been A Long Time Leavng 30-03-64
112 Bruce Channel Satisfied Mind 30-03-64
That's Whats Happenin' 30-03-64
113 Dorsey Burnett Little Acorn 04-05-64
Cold As Useual 04-05-64
114 Bruce Channel You Make Me So Very Happy 29-07-64
Yo Never Looked Better 29-07-64
115 Howard Crockett My Lil's Run Off 1964
Spanish lace & Memories 1964
116 Dorsey Burnett Jimmy Brown 24-06-64
Everyday's Angel 24-06-64
117 Dee Mullins Love Makes The World Go Around, But Money Greases The Wheel 15-01-65
Come On Back (And Be My Love Again) 15-01-65
118 Dorsey Burnett Ever Since The World Began 30-11-64
Long Long Time Ago 30-11-64
119 Howard Crockett Put Me In Your Pocket 22-12-64
The Miles 22-12-64
120 Hillsiders You Only Pass This Way One Time 26-03-65
Rain Is A Lonesome Thing 26-03-65
121 Howard Crockett All The Good Times Are Gone 27-04-65
The Great Titanic 27-04-65
 Research: Don Waller

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