The Mighty Walker Bros was on a possibly New York Amon label. (curl name logo design) The Nu Tones 'Soul Food' was used by Mickey Nold as a UK radio jingle in the 90's.
Cat. Number Artist A-Side/B-Side Mattrix Date
90570 King Bartel & Kings Men Thirteen Hundred Express ZTSC90580 1963
The Matador (inst) ZTSC90581 1963
90580 Gino Washington/Rochelles/Atlantics Out Of This World 90580-A 1963
Come Monkey With Me 90580-B 1963
90590The Atlantics Heartburn 90590-A 1963
Monkey Time 90590-B 1963
815A-A619 Johnny Rogers & Nu Tones Make A Change SK4M-4620 1965
Soul Food (Inst. of a) 1965
815A-4609 Dori Dean & Valiant TrioThe NewsSK4M-46101965
Davy Baby 1965

Research: Mickey Nold


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