Sonbert was a subsisuary of Correc-Tone Records, Detroit. The name is dirived  from the owners Sonny Saunders & Robert Bateman who had sang with the Satintones. Vernee had a single also on Correc-Tone in 1964. Yellow = Northern Soul plays. Yvonne Vernee joined the Elgins in 1969, her single 'Just Like You Did me' sells for £2K and a number of re-issues/boots exist.
Cat. Number Artist A-Side/B-Side Mattrix Date
82861 Pyramids I'm The Playboy [also on Cub 9112] ZTSC 22861 1962
Cryin' [dito] ZTSC 22860 1962
SB-3475 Yvonne Vernee It's Been A Long Time 1964
Your Touch 1964
SB-3770 Gino Washington Gino Is A Coward [later on Ric-Tic] 991C3770 1964
Puppet On A String 991C3771 1964
SB-5842-A Yvonne Vernee I'm In Love 1965
Just Like You Did Me 1965

Research: Mickey Nold


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