Big Hit

Big Hit was owned by Johnnie Mae Matthews ((b) Dec 31 1922-(d) January 6, 2002) at 7397 Santa Barbara, Detroit, Michigan. TZ 102 was also released on Okeh 4-7316. Artwell & Audrey Matthews children of Johnny Mae were members of Black Nasty who recorded an album with Stax in 1971. At Stax they made an instrumental version of  their Mum's release ' Have Have No Choice'. Johnnie Mae's 'I Have No Choice' received recognition  in the UK in the 1990's and changed hands in 2011 for £850+.  Northern Soul plays = Yellow.
Cat. Number Artist A-Side/B-Side Mattrix Date
TZ 300 A  The Dynamic Walton Brothers Automatic Sissy (inst) 1967
Funky Soul 1967
TY 301 A Little Daddy Walton & Sons I'’m Leaving 1967
Gittin' It With Soul 1967
MLS 100 A Little Daddy Walton & Sons Highway Blues 1967
MLS 101 B I'm To Blame  1967
Early popular Blues track from 1967

Popular Northern track also issued on Okeh

Labels biggest success came in the 1990's with this one

TZ 102 Leah Dawson You Got To Change (Your Evil Ways) 1968
A Good Man (Is All I Want) 1968
TS 104 A Johnnie Mae Mathews Two Sided Thing 1968
You Make Me Feel Good 1968
TZ 105 A Johnnie Mae Matthews I Have No Choice 1968
That's When It Hurts 1968
TZ 106 A Timmy Shaw & Chuck Holiday You Better (Get Yourself Together) 1968
I'm Such A Lonely Guy 1968
TZ 107 A Barbara Jean & The Lyrics Why Weren't You There 1969
Any Two Can Play It 1969
TZ 108 Johnnie Mae Matthews You’re The One 1970
My Momma Didn't Lie 1970
TZ 110 Cynthia & The Imaginary Three That's What I Am (Without You) 1971
The Many Moods (Of A Man) or  Let Your Love.. 1971
TZ 110 A Herbie Thompson Let Your Love (Grow Stronger) 1971
Jungle Time or Part II (above) 1971
TZ 111 Johnnie Mae Matthews Don't Be Discouraged 1971
Don't Be Discouraged 1971
TZ 112 B Herbie Thompson Uncle Tom (Part 1) 1975
Keep On Stepping  or Uncle Tom Part II 1975
TZT 120 A Lynn Day  I'll Understand 1975
Bit Off More (Then I Can Chew) 1975
TY 123  Lynn Day & Black Nasty  Sweet To The Bone 1975
Stop Pussyfootin' Around 1975
TC 0125 Black Nasty Party On 4th Street Part 1 1976
Party On 4th Street Part 2 1976
TZY 0129 A Black Nasty feat Herbie Thompson Cut Your Motor Off  (n) 1978
Keep On Steppin’ 1978
TC 130 Black Nasty Freakish Self 1979
Party On Fourth Street 1979
Research: Mickey Nold

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