Brax was owned by George Braxton who aslo ran a real estate agency and was also a director of a local magazine for kids, called Teen Life Brax was based at 16702 Greenfield, Detroit, Michigan. Braxton also owned the Fox & Chant labels. The Contours were girl singers and not the Motown group. Braxton recorded his music at United Sound studios.
Cat. Number Artist A-Side/B-Side Mattrix Date
RN-22-1 Mike Hanks & The Contours Christien 1958
Can I Be Your Lover Boy 1958
HB-202 Woodie Davis & Band Of Joe Hunter Straighten Up
MS-207 The Five Dapps  Do Whop A Do
You're So Unfaithful
George Braxton Hey Ellen

Research: Mickey Nold

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