The Boo Label was owned by Ricardo ( Ric) Williams early recodings made at  Tera Shirma Studio A and B later stuff at 6505 Linwood Street, Detroit, Michigan. Connected with The Aquarius, Shock and Zodiac group of labels. B-1001 also came out on Criss-Cross 1001. B-1002 also came out on Shock S1313 as Bridges, Eaton. BOO 111 & 112 were distributed by Fantasy/Galaxy. Most of the songs were written & performed by Bridges/Eaton/Knight.Boo was a late 'pick-up' by the Northern Soul scene, but during the 90's when slower tempo's got a spins it ruled, hence the prices still quite low. Not a bad record to be found on the label. A album was released on the Canadian Collectibles label more recently.The cream coloured copies of Roy Cortez have his name spelt as Bulter. The backing for 'a dream' was also used on the Creations on Zodiac.
Cat. Number Artist A-Side/B-Side Mattrix Date
B-1001 The Brothers Of Soul Hurry Don't Linger ZTSC 126557 1967
Can't Get You Off My Mind ZTSC 126558 1967
B-1002  The Brothers Of Soul A Dream 1967
A Dream (Inst) 1967

B-1002 Roy "Cortez" Butler A Dream ZTSC 126734 1967
A Dream (Inst) ZTSC 126735 1967
B-1003  Roy "Cortez" Butler Mary's House  ZTSC 127153 1968
Mary's House (Part II) ZTSC 127154 1968
B-1004 The Brothers Of Soul I Guess That Don't Make Me A Loser ZTSC 127157 1968
Hurry Don't Linger  ZTSC 126557 1968
B-1005 The Brothers Of Soul The Love I Found In You  ZTSC 127393 1968
Come On Back ZTSC 121799 1968
B-1006 The Brothers Of Soul Wait For Me ZTSC 141347 1969
I'd Be Grateful ZTSC 141348 1969
BOO 111  The Brothers Of Soul You Better Believe It  F 2732
A Lifetime F 2733
BOO 112 The Brothers Of Soul Love Is Fever F 2760
One Minute Baby F 2761
Research: Mickey Nold

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